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Launch on mac OS Bug

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Hello I have a problem I can not get at starting my OpenRCT2 on mac os x ...
I have a message that Appear on the screen I should do what ?

"Unable to find RCT2 installation directory. Please select the directory where you installed RCT2!"

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I do not understand very well because I have to install anything I just download when I run I have this message so I should do what ?


if I should look for the file I can not select it to start ..

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Somewhere on your system there should be a directory containing the file "rct2.exe" and the subdirectories "Data" and "ObjData". This will be created when you installed RCT2. Exactly where this is located depends on what version of the game you have - on Windows it will usually be somewhere in C:/Program Files - if you are using Wine to install the game on another OS you'll need to find out where Wine places the emulated C drive. On my system (which is Linux), it's at ~/.wine/drive_c. It might be located somewhere else on Mac, I don't have a Mac so I can't check.

You need to edit game_path in the config.ini file to point at this directory (not the actual rct2.exe executable file - you want the whole directory).

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