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Colored ground?

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Custom ground colors do not exist in RCT2. The ground textures are most likely in the g1.dat file, which contains the game's graphics. Since the g1.dat file is not used in scenery selection, custom terrain textures are impossible to add. Though this does seem like it would be a possibility once OpenRCT2 is converted to an independent save file format.

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Yolosweg summed it up extremely well, will just add that this will probably be a feature later on (something the devs have mentioned) when the game is reverse engineered (translated to C) and it gets its own save format, .svX 

The only problem is that we're a bit far away still :U

Eventually we will be able to get some more ground textures and a ton of different features we're not able to get now, like removing all the '255' limits :D

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Don't remember the save version, 'more info can be found on GitHub'
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