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Old fart who loves the game and coasters!

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My name is Charlie and I am 69 years old and retired so I get to play all day. I started playing RCT when it first came out and went thru 2 disks. I got started playing because my father started me riding rollercoasters at Riverview Park in Chicago in 1953 and I loved it. I have traveled around the USA and have ridden over 100 different coasters and I thought that this game would allow me to build my dream coaster (I have built some whoopers that I might not go near). When RCT2 came out I thought I was in heaven being able to not only design my coasters but also make my own park! I currently have 301 parks that I play with and sometimes modify but I don't hold a candle to some of you and your park building abilities. I was directed here by a friend while I was looking for a particular piece of scenery and I am happy I did. You members have already answered several questions that I have had posted on forums.

My favorite park unquestionably is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

My top five coasters (not in any order) are: Millennium @ Cedar Point, the original Steel Phantom @ Kennywood, The Beast @ Kings Island, The Cyclone @ Coney Island and The Bobs @ Riverview Park (Sadly this park is now industrial park). Just outside my top 5 is Thunderbolt @ Kennywood (just don't get stuck riding in left seat - anyone who has ridden it will know what I mean)!

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