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My Title Sequence!

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A few hours ago I noticed that OpenRCT2's own title sequence had once again been changed. In the hopes of seeing a great one this time, I was disappointed a bit (I know the devs don't have time to make title sequences and that the sequence in itself is quite good considering that, but why don't they keep the title-sequence building part to the community?). So I decided to make one myself. 

I've avoided to try the title sequence editor in the past because I thought it might be too complicated, only to find it very easy to use in these few hours. There is still room for improvement in this sequence, and the timing is a little off (thanks to no decimal support in the 'timing' field; only whole numbers). Still, I'd like to know how this title sequence turned out from you guys!

Now, this title sequence was carefully made for a 1360X768 screen resolution, so if you have anything close to this, you should be good to go, but anything far from this will not be ideal and might not look as I intended it to. All timings are made for the default RCT2 music, of course.

I prominently used Group Park 1 and 2 because I didn't have any coasters as big and awesome as the ones in those. :D The rest are RCT1 remakes that I personally built months ago.

Ziscor's Title Sequence.rar

[EDIT: Better timing for the last second of the sequence this time.]

To use this sequence, take the folder inside this link and copy it into the 'Title Sequences' folder under 'OpenRCT2' inside your Documents. After that, simply select it from within the game and restart the program to watch it in-sync with the music. Let me know if it doesn't work.

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@janisozaur: Oh, didn't notice 0.0.4 had it's own reddit title sequence topic as well. I knew about 0.0.3 though.

Maybe I should have explained why I don't like that title sequence. I think it's a very generic sequence with zero build up and no special feeling to it. If anyone ever watched the entire default RCT2 sequence they'll know that the parks get more and more bad ass as the music changes shape.

In the initial stage, the music is simply toying with the game, showing a blank slate. After this blank slate has been etched on one's mind, it takes it up instantly to show what the game can offer: beautiful flat rides surrounded by trees and fences, guests walking around the park enthusiastically, and more. Then, when you felt the music wouldn't pick up even higher, it does. That's when the game shows you mind-boggling roller coaster monstrosities that must require great skill to build. The music is still on the highest note, and the parks are getting more and more awesome, and then: it's over. 

That's what my title sequence aims to show. Did you give it a try? I'd like to know if I struck the right strings with this sequence. 

@Broxzier: I did mean 1360X768. I know, my monitor is a special flake! :P 

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On 4/24/2016 at 20:52, ziscor said:

If anyone ever watched the entire default RCT2 sequence they'll know that the parks get more and more bad ass as the music changes shape.

Except the default RCT2 title sequence uses exactly one park : Six Flags Magic Mountain. In the three variations of RCT1 title sequences, there is a fairly consistent level of "badassery" in all title sequences. If the RCT1 title sequence did not start at Haunted Harbor every time, you would never know it is the first park.

Your title sequence is way too fast. The shortest shot in all official RCT1/2 title sequences is 5 seconds long and there are 2 of them, and they only happen in the RCTLL title sequence.  Most of the shots in the RCT1 title sequences are 10 seconds long, with some that are 15 seconds and even fewer still that are 20 seconds (which only happens in Three Monkeys Park). Your title sequence was also too quick. Your idea about the park in development is interesting but it did not pan out in this title sequence. There is a very obvious difference between parks at the end of the sequence and parks at the beginning of the sequence (namely parks that are unbuilt) which makes the title sequence have poor replayability. As I mentioned earlier, it would be impossible to figure out which park is first in the RCT1 sequences if it did not start on the same one all the time.

This title sequence was not that different from the 0.0.3 and 0.0.2 title sequences, but it did differ and have issues of its own. A number of parks featured were messy and unattractive, the void prominent in some shots, and there was framerate drop in a lot of parks. You have an interesting idea that can be a great title sequence, but the execution of it is poor. For starters, timing the title sequence to music just does not work. It limits the running time of your title sequence and for a title sequence where the beginning differs from the end considerably, having a short running time just makes things worse. Second, the parks in the middle of the title sequence are terrible. They look like someone tried to make as high of monthly ticket sales as possible by jam-packing parks full of rides. It's ugly. Not all the parks were like this: the ones at the end were better, but they did have other issues such as the void and unorthodox coaster layouts.Finally, RCT does not lend itself to fast camera transitions. A lot of scenery can be packed into one shot, and changing the camera quickly just leaves people wanting to go back and look at the scenery more.

Overall the title sequence felt like it was rushed. Take the time to review your work and be critical of it, and you can make a great title sequence.

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Thanks for being critical of the title sequence. I understand that it has a lot of room for improvement. On the park building side, that's just the style I use for building parks. I try not to make the scenery or rides realistic, and I make sure that comes off in the parks. Your style is way different than what I intend to portray. With that said, I do need more practice in making parks in general since I consider myself very much a rookie.

I understand the sequence looks to be very fast to you, and that's a problem I should think about. I know those parks very well so I forgot other people wouldn't know them that much intricately, and will miss out on certain details existing there. It's development was certainly rushed, and to improve performance I'll do what you did for your sequence. I'll delete the objects the park doesn't use, and perhaps make one large park instead, where certain shots exist. I took way too little time to make that sequence. I plan on making another, and I'll try to make it way better than this one!

Again, thanks for reviewing that Title Sequence. That means a lot to me.

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