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No idea now to explain this

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I have the same issue. I think this was introduced very recently, since it worked fine earlier today.

It looks like the original RCT2 code is not being called - this is what the expermental builds for non-x86 platforms that don't include the original game code look like.

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This actually seemed more like a draw error really. As successfully loading a park in these builds causes things to not be removed from the game screen, like notices, the tool bar, and multiplayer chat. It would give an effect similar to that of, say the Source engine, when the map isin't fully built properly, causing the map to "leak" into the void.

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RCT2 does not clear the screen after each successive frame, because normally every pixel on screen includes at least one sprite (even outside the map boundaries, the game is actually drawing black tiles), so the whole screen gets overwritten anyway. If something causes sprites not to be drawn where they should, you get strange effects because the image from the previous frame is not cleared, it's simply drawn over the top of.

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