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This game is making me jaded

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I assume you mean multiplayer.

When multiplayer was introduced, we did not expect all the problems it now faces, in particular from people who simply destroy other's maps. We will be working soon on a more robust authentication solution. We aim to primarily fix two things:

  • possibility of spoofing other players
  • persistent permissions, where you should get permissions assigned to you automatically on every connection to a particular server.
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The way I see it, we are only casual game testers who give feedback to make the end product awesome. We have already presented our grievances (see what I did there?) to the developers on the subject of multiplayer, but after that, it's only expected that before these changes are made, we go into the game knowing these problems. Best thing you could possibly do is stay away from multiplayer (until things are more fair) if you mean to go into it with serious intentions. The multiplayer landscape right now almost has a free-for-all, everyone-for-themselves style of game play.  Of course, only the light and casual masses won't get butt-hurt when things go wrong.

That's not to say, of course, that the game is not playable for serious people right now, but you should at least go into it knowing that if things get nasty and you get pissed off, you have yourself to blame probably. You can always make the rules restrictive to new clients that join your server, but that will toughen up your job as a host to allow permissions only to those people that play the game the way you expect them to. 


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I have no doubt that the player base is not intelligent. It most definitely is. The real problem is the fact that I can build my rep in multiplayer using one name, but then change my name to something else and ruin that very server. The game currently has the same issues 4chan's /b/ board has. Everyone is anonymous, so even decent and serious builders can show their trolling side. Basically, there are no repercussions to your deeds, and it's almost impossible for regular people to know who that person actually is (their serious multiplayer name). 

Hell, I could go into the game right now with a different name and destroy the very servers of people that trusted me throughout my multiplayer experience all these few months (not that I will; please don't kick me instantly if I join your server :o).

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OpenTTD does have this problem. It's not as severe as in OpenRCT2 because you can't edit competitors pieces, and each competitor has seperate cash so you a player who's just joined has less resources, but occasionally someone will delete all the roads and then buy the land tiles so it cannot be rebuilt, or start ramming road vehicles with their trains.

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