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Guests (sometimes) becoming unhappy as they ride an attraction

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I've downloaded OpenRCT2 about a few days ago, and its brilliant.  Thank you for all of your hard work on this project!

But recently, I've been having an issue that's bugging me.  Some of my guests' happiness levels sometimes drop rather quickly when they are on some of my attractions.  I cant think of an explanation for it, some guests will ride one of my rides, and leave significantly less happy than they were when they first got on.  Its not related to just one specific park, but every park I use, but I will try to attach a sample save for people to try just in case.  If you load the save, quickly check out Guest 387/ Christopher R.

What bothers me the most is that I seem to be the only person having this problem, as I don't see it occurring on multiplayer servers.  I wouldn't be surprised if this issue doesn't happen to you if you check out the save file. Oh, and its not that my rides are too long or not very exciting, its been happening to really good rides like the prebuilt Great White Wail and Enterprise.

Is anyone else having a similar issue?  Is it some gameplay mechanic that I'm not aware of?

Unhappy guests.sv6

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I remember reporting this a few months while ago, but the issue didn't gather much traction. :( What happened for me was that guests with 100% happiness took a ride, but right after exiting, the happiness went to 0%. Literally 0%. 

A thing I observed was that this did not happen every time, since I sent 2 guests in a Carousel as a sort of experiment, and one came out 100% happy, while the other came out 0% happy. I even posted a save file for that as well, lol.

I  haven't tested this thing out since then, but I think I should. I'll get back on this tomorrow to test it, but if someone did that before then, that would be great.

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In the cheat menu --> park parameters I sometimes change the initial happiness, hunger and thirst of the guests. When you set the values between 11-89% you are all good, but if you set it to anything different then you have the same problem as well. It seems to me that the guests' happiness, hunger and thirst are calculated individually upon being spawned, and they vary with a certain percentage which means that if you put the value very low or high some guests become the opposite. It overflows 100% or underflows 0%.

Also, it doesn't sync in multiplayer as far as I can tell.

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I'm pretty sure this has been fixed, since I tried my experiment several times, even on the park where I first noticed this, and it is not reproducible for me. As Broxzier asks, are on the latest builds? Were you tweaking with guest parameters using the cheats? Because the way it stands right now, under normal game conditions, this bug is not reproducible. Well, maybe it is, but then it's probably a super rare occurrence.

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I never tinkered with the guest parameters, the initial happiness is always 50% for me.  Updating to a new build might work though, but before I do that, is there anything I need to know before downloading the latest build? Do I need to delete a file or something first? If so, where can I find it?

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In which build did you originally start building the park you have uploaded? After looking at your save file, I can surely say this is exactly what was happening with me a while ago. Your save file could be helpful to the devs. However, one thing to note is that only happiness is affected here. I did not see any sudden spikes in hunger, thirst, restroom, or nausea. @Broxzier: you might wanna check that save file, or please make an issue of it on GitHub. :) 

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I think it was v0.0.5-develop build 1237bca when I finally noticed it happening.  

I figured out how to update, but at v0.0.5-develop build 423844c the issue continues to plague me.

Basically, I open a guest's window as he is about to go on a ride, but his happiness level starts to drop further and further while on the ride.   The guest will then ride another ride, but his happiness level will go upwards as normal. I know that guests will get angry if the ride takes way too long to end,  but this is happening on rides that take less than a minute long.  Its about a 25-50% occurence, and it is happening to EVERY ONE of my parks: new parks I open up, parks that I have had going since before I downloaded RCT2,  and everything in between.. . and I cant find what might be causing this bipolarity in my guests :S


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You certainly noticed the problem with the Great White Whale. That's not the full extent of the problem, unfortunately. I tracked a guest who went into the Merry-Go-Round with about 40% happiness (the amount he brought with him originally) and while riding it, happiness rose upwards to a max 100%, and when the ride ended he exited out. That's when the happiness goes to 0%. It's also prominent on the Ferris Wheel as well as the Pirate Ship. For these flat rides the change is not gradual, but instantaneous.

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Well, I meant that I couldn't naturally reproduce this in regular save files and new games. The save file MotogRice has uploaded must be the only save file that shows this problem. In my last post I was talking about things I observed in this save file, not anywhere else.

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I just tried doing a clean re-install of everything without putting in custom content, but I'm still having this problem...  I've  switched between stable and develop builds as well, no luck.   I dont have this problem when I play the original RCT2 though.

It looks like you guys see my problem for the most part, although it seems to be a bit different for both of you.


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Hey guys, I know this topic might have gotten a little bit old, but I found something interesting.

I kept starting different parks and tinkered with options and cheats until I decided to turn money off in the park parameter cheat option.  when I did, guests' happiness levels stopped decreasing on rides.  When I turned money back on, guests started to lose happiness on rides again.  Interesting.

It seems that this bug might actually be related to the money object in OpenRCT2.  I have the occasional occurence of a guest's happiness level neither increasing or decreasing on a ride, but there is no abnormal drop in happiness when money is turned off. I need to test this a bit more to be sure, though.

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