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You mean like this video does it with peep thoughts?

It would be a very interesting concept. Reading moving thoughts would be very difficult though. Maybe you meant showing where certain thoughts are concentrated. For either of those concepts, I think it would clutter the game screen too much. One of the things I like about the game is that all significant information is either at the very bottom or the very top. Inserting information in the middle of the screen (where the action happens, so to speak) would be slightly tiring to look at. That's just my opinion though. 
I'd be more interested in having a map where those types of info you mentioned was pinned by certain symbols. Sounds like a TON of work, though.
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On 4/13/2016 at 10:41, Broxzier said:

Open the guest list, group tab, select thoughts from the list, click one of them, click the map icon, and you will see the area where people are having certain thoughts flicker on the map.

I use that all the time, but have no idea how to zoom on maps, plus it would be easier in some situations to have overlays on the main screen instead.  

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