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Great work!

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I can't wait to see everything OpenRCT brings; you guys are appreciated! I'm amazed at the progress so far, and the website looks professional (though it needs a "Forum" button in the top bar). I like the small details like the pop-out Facebook cover photo, and the integrated accounts. Heading off to play now, thanks for having me!

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Thanks! If you have any ideas for the website or the game, let us know!Also, I changed the headerbutton to Forum (instead of Community). It said community because there used to be a chatbox. (The chatbox still exists, but has moved to a 3th party: https://gitter.im/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/non-dev )

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Wow, that was a quick fix! =P It just took me a while to find the forum, thanks! I'll definitely send some ideas in after I look what's already posted.(and I've been trying to pronounce 3th for a minute now, heehee)

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Haha, yeah it follows the last two letters of the word: firST, secoND, thiRD, fourTH. Most of em beyond that are TH so you're not far off. Didn't know you were from Belgium, that's pretty cool! By the way, is there a list of all current devs or big names? I only know Krutonium and yours =P

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