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Hello, new user

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Hi im new to the forums, but i have played rct2 for as long as i can remember.

I want to start off by saying that i am a serious coaster builder and want people not to take rct2 the wrong way. Have i played the other rct games? Yes i have but only rct3 (I would talk about rct3 later in another post related to that). Even though i never played rct1, people said that rct2 was better than its prequel.

I do like this improvement of rct2. Openrct2 is more creative than its predecessor since it has alot of stuff such as disable support limits, cheats, etc.

So i signed in the forum because i wanted to get along with other rct2 users and chat about the stuff in rct2open. I also hope to suggest new ideas to keep making this game stable and growing.

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