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  1. This is a ride cheat that allows the coaster cars to change physics on tracks. Vehicles will act the same with other tracks when using the "Show vehicles from other rides" cheat, in which they will not follow the expected physics. For example: a tram acts like it was on a normal track if the track was a coaster and would ignore booster tracks, not going fast enough, not gaining speed. Having this cheat to lift this limit would make for creative rides. A tram coaster, swan boat karts, Monster truck coaster, Coaster Chairlift. Types of vehicle physics: Default Coaster Boat ride Car ride Go karts Flying saucers/Dodgems Ghost train Transport (Excluding lift)
  2. (This is my first suggestion) Pop up Box for servers When you are the owner of the server and a guest comes by, you have to tell them the rules right? It can be tiresome sometimes just to give them the whole rules in the chat. This feature i have suggested is a box that appears whenever you go in every server you join. To customize, simply create a server and then after choosing your park, a text box will pop up saying "Pop up box options. The default words are "Type Here". You can click that word and you can remove that word and start typing. Whatever you wrote in the pop up box will not reset after creating a new server. After creating the server, it should pop up to you like it was supposed to. It of course, has that "x" on the top right corner to close it. If you want to go back and see that pop up message again, click on the "disk and game options" bar and then click on "show pop up message" on the bottom of options. *This is what the Pop up box editor will look like. Why we need this: Ideal for rule boards So that newcomers know whats going on To make rules more clear So that you don't have the trouble to ask about the rules about the server in chat Other Notes: The pop up box will not overlap the chat. *The picture in this post is not the final product as it needs more editing.
  3. Hi im new to the forums, but i have played rct2 for as long as i can remember. I want to start off by saying that i am a serious coaster builder and want people not to take rct2 the wrong way. Have i played the other rct games? Yes i have but only rct3 (I would talk about rct3 later in another post related to that). Even though i never played rct1, people said that rct2 was better than its prequel. I do like this improvement of rct2. Openrct2 is more creative than its predecessor since it has alot of stuff such as disable support limits, cheats, etc. So i signed in the forum because i wanted to get along with other rct2 users and chat about the stuff in rct2open. I also hope to suggest new ideas to keep making this game stable and growing.
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