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  1. How can i get to work ? I looked at the cheat window with Crtl, Alt, C but there is nothing like Zero clearance
  2. Funny thing but i need a trainer for that right ?
  3. Hey, i have seen that in some of the "Main menu parks" got rides that are combinded ? Coaster can drive on tracks that are not there own once. Any idea how to do that in normal game ? It also crashes the game if i destroy the track.View imageView image
  4. Btw. i like to draw stuff from time to time or try gettings stuff running on linux or my little raspberry pi <3
  5. Hey, my name is Julian and i loved to play RCT since i was 5 years old and just wanted to say hello and very great work you did there yet!Hope you'll get Multiplayer fixed soon that we all can play together :)
  6. Can you place things if you run the game without Openrct ? And if did you have set any of the cheat options in orct ?
  7. Well thats true, wine don't work with the rpi. I know there is a way with quemu but thats just deadly slow and unplayable. I thank you for the answer. Can you say how many of the code got reversed yet ? like 10-15 % :) Just to have an overview. Maybe in future i will go to help with assets if needed.And for the rpi thing i know there is another way with SDL for OpenTTD that works on Android but i think you need the full source for it aswell. Maybe that is a possibility to do it for Arm devices like tablets and rpi ^^https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.openttd.sdl&hl=deJust some i
  8. Isn't there a way to compile an Linux executable file yet ? You do use Visual Studio for compiling right ?
  9. Hello there, this is more a question as an idea but see it like you want to.My idea/ question is, is it possible to run OpenRCT on ARM device / the Raspberry Pi ? 512 MB ram should be enough to run this game smooth and with the GPU it got it can run HD films so it may have the power to play Rollercoaster on it. There is a OpenTTD fork for ARM/Raspberry aswell.Hope for some ideas or answers ^^Greetings Juli199696
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