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  1. i have same, for example the last thing i unlocked in a vanilla map was "Stand - Up Twister RollerCoaster" and when i installed Openrct2, i got like 20 with the same message saying i unlocked that, and when i get messages they dont appear in the menu, i hope they fix that, its not annoying a lot, but it is.Hope it gets fixed :)
  2. Hey guysss i have another question (yes sorry :'v)i uploaded one with SC6 Format but i forgot that this supports .rct2mod format only.how can i convert a scenario into that format?(sorry my bad english)
  3. ok thank you all very much! i can install scenarios now :)
  4. :/ its okay sorry for wasting ur time but thank you for your help :)
  5. its an installer from this page "OpenRCT2-0.0.3-develop-b1157.exe
  6. i reistalled and i didnt got the launcher :/
  7. im reistalling but i will lose any data??
  8. i tried putting "open with" and i put the launcher is that ok?
  9. but i tried and it gets into the title sequence not the map
  10. Hey guys i have a question.i dont know how to put the map, i see everyone says a launcher thing, but i dont know how, any help??
  11. Wazned

    Traslation (ES)

    Hey guys, i hope you are good at all :)Im meeting this new RCT2, i saw it and i got excited a lot cuz' this was my favorite game and i play it in this days and its amazing that it gets all of RCT1, for example i loved that gray theme and the financial buttons (yea its something little but i love it) so i have free time and i could traslate to Spanish :).If it helps i could be a volunteer.
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