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  1. Will Do in future. If you click the images I have posted they become full size.
  2. Hi, Got another little glitch for you all :)I just completed the woodstock park, however on the new game screen it does not show as having been completed.
  3. Hi,Clicking on the thumb brings it up to full size (1280x720).Also I have not manually installed anything, it has all been done using the installers and is on the stable build. So if the language files are not correctly extracted does this highlight a problem in the deployment of the app?
  4. Surely though instead of building the stall in mid air, it should display a message saying "Cannot build here XXXX is in the way"?
  5. Hi All,Noticed another little glitch.Was playing on the woodstock map when I looked at the ride research information and the name of the ride showed as "undefined string".Once again hope this isnt a duplicate! :)
  6. Hi,I noticed today while playing that if you try and place a shop / stall under a rollercoaster track the shop actually appears in mid air above the track.In this particular instance I was attempting to place a soft toy stall under a corkscrew track.Hope this helps and hope its not been reported before!
  7. Hi All,Been a long time player of RCT and have loosely followed this project since in the hope it would become as good as imagined (a bit like openTTD did!). Anyway I am glad to see the project is coming on leaps and bounds and have already been playing 0.0.2.I will continue to follow the project a little more closely now it is in full swing and hope to see it continue to advance. If I spot any bugs I will post them to the forums too (unfortunately I dont have a github).
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