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  1. Thanks so much for the reply Zaxcav! Very informative. I wonder if anybody's posted like a sample "best practices" for path layout in a medium-large park. Cheers all!
  2. Ah I see! Thanks for the reply. In this context, what is a "junction"? Like a normal crossing of 2 perpendicular pathways, a T or X? Or does it have some more specific meaning in RCT pathing? PS: I tried reading some stuff but I'm still not 100% sure what the "junction problem" really means.
  3. Wow! The level of detail here is utterly stunning. Well done!
  4. I've had this happen a few times as well. Quite annoying!
  5. Couple path-only screenshots for example.
  6. I guess this is morbid curiosity, but.. If large sprawling swaths of paths are bad (for both staff and guests), as I’ve heard, then WHY do many of the original game scenarios contain them? I’m thinking of parks like Roaring 20’s Alcatraz, the Great Wall of China, the giant American city-surrounded-park coaster challenge, the Rio Mardi-Gras carnival beach, etc. (some of these happen to be “no money” scenarios... and the latter two specifically have this “We need to mimic real paved city streets” thing going on that seems completely counter-productive.) =P Perhaps a better question, a “tip or trick”, is, when playing such scenarios, what’s the best thing to do with those huge pathing areas? Just start deleting stuff until you have nice single-wide discrete paths, 2-wide boulevards, and/or grids?
  7. Yeah... see I already do all that. These areas ARE patrolled. The rides DO have benches and even First Aid Stations at their exits. There ARE litter bins in these areas. Here's a couple save-files. Just watch over time as these areas get worse and worse and the handymen get lazier and lazier. =P Extraterrestrial Ext.sv6 Extraterrestrial Ext 2.sv6
  8. These are by no means the "worst" I've seen it get, but it does show you the path areas around which they fail the most. Hope that helps.
  9. Amazing guide! I learned that I've been under-pricing Balloons & On-Ride Photos, and over-pricing Fries/Chips and Popcorn. Thankfully my "gut feeling" that Drinks should be around 1.50 was right. A couple notes: 1. "Drinks" includes "Moon Juice" when that theme/variant is available. 2. "Candyfloss" is "Cotton Candy" for the Americanized version 3. "Chocolate" should be "Hot Chocolate" unless that's a UK thing to drop the 'Hot'. 4. You don't have "Starfruit Drink" yet.. assuming it's the same as regular Drinks? Thank you again for putting this together -- well done!
  10. Specifically, I'm playing the "Extraterrestrial" / "First Encounters" scenario from Time Twister pack, and even after removing the 2-wide pathing in the entrance-shops area, the handymen set to patrol that area still fail spectacularly at cleanup. What am I doing wrong? Is this a known issue? Are there work-arounds?
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