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  1. Hi everyone ! This time I tried to turn a block of flats into a multi-leveled theme park. Have fun !
  2. Hey everyone ! This is my new project. This time I did not spend much time on scenery or coaster building but I wanted to get as many guests as possible (meaning, this is not the most beautiful park to be honest). I carefully planned the layout (used 20x20 squares usually with 2 toilets, 1 food and 1 drink stall and 2-3 games). I finished the park (reached the 255 limit) but I only have around 5,8k guests. I would ask for your help to leave some comments and tips about: -how to attract more guests -how to organize my park better -any other tips about building and sustaining a me
  3. But it does not save for me. It forgets the presets every time I quit the game.
  4. The game can't remember cheat options sets ? cuz every time I start the game I have to set the cheat options again (in the same park)
  5. How to build a big food area so guests can sit down and eat but they don't get lost because of the too many paths. I know to use fences to separate paths but what formats would you build ? I usually build small squares and put some scenery around it.
  6. A different save format has been used, or how is it possible ?
  7. What is the max number of guests in rctc ? Is it even limited ?
  8. And what about the formation ? As far as I know it is the best to avoid dead end paths so use square formation so the guests can easily find the exit if they wanna leave
  9. How to build pathways if i want to build a really really big park ? How wide should it be and how should I organise it if i dont want guestst to be lost
  10. groope

    Football stadium

    Thank you guys !
  11. groope

    Football stadium

    This is my new park. For the Fifa Word Cup I have built a stadium this time. Guests can choose from many gently rides and from some coasters and also step on the lawn of the stadium and check out the ball itself. Also, there is a little park in the back where they can get by a train. Have fun!
  12. Hey guys. I wanted to make a unique coaster with pretty high excitement rating but still ridable for guests. And this is the result I call it "BOOSTED" since I used pretty much booster in the track. This is the original track: And this is the final version:
  13. groope

    Rocky Island

    Rocky Island.sv6. This is my tiny park, Rocky Island. The main spectacles are two (dueling) giga coasters (11+ excitement) which start under an epic log fume and go around the whole park. Have fun and leave comment! You can download it.
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