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  1. WOW. I am just... amazed. I think I've done a good job when I get an excitement rating over 8. Does the low intensity and nausea mean that peeps will actually ride it? Will they be willing to pay 300 of whatever the local currency is in order to ride it?
  2. New here, just wanted to share a few things from my latest park. The first is a Steel Twister coaster that I made called "Danger Zone". For you it's probably not much but I don't usually get excitement ratings over 8, so I was pretty proud of it. I also liked the powered launch, and the peeps seem to like it (I probably should have added a bigger queue). The second is Inversion, so called due to the 8 inversions featured. It's another Steel Twister and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I've invented a new element (Below the tall helix to the right). If you know what is please tell me.
  3. Actually, you do need to merge them if you want to use the vertical drop coaster's drop brake piece, which the twister coaster doesn't have.
  4. Going back to the Giga coaster, its boosters have a max of 134mph as opposed to 67mph on most other coasters. (Yes, I use miles per hour. You can convert it if you really need to.) I'm not sure if this is what you meant earlier, but based on what I've seen people talking about the game code, I assume that the Giga coaster uses the same values (whatever they are) for the booster speed and interprets them as higher speeds, so what would be a 20km/h booster on another coaster type becomes a faster booster when switched to the Giga coaster. That would explain the higher max speed.
  5. I have found that the merry go round music will suddenly turn into static. It always happens after the same part of the music, and it can be fixed by unchecking and rechecking the "play music" option, but this is annoying and is only a temporary fix. I've searched everywhere but haven't found anything, so does anyone know what this is?
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