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  1. Yes, actually theming my parks are what I struggle with. Buildings, structures, etc...terraforming, stuff like that. I enjoy doing it but it's just not my strong point in the game.
  2. I struggle with scenery items and it helps to just add to what's already there.
  3. My server name is All Players Welcome and I usually just host one of the Six Flags build your own parks. I like them because they've already got scenery and such and I've never been good at terraforming. Anyone is welcome to join that will not grief me. My RCT2 Host username is The Beast, and some of you may have played with me already before. This has totally taken RCT2 to the next dimension and I'm loving every minute of it.
  4. Went to play a scenario earlier on RCT2 and when I tried to build a ride with scenery added, a prebuilt mouse coaster, this happened: Basically, wherever I move the ride to, the scenery stays there, and I while I can right click to remove it, a "ghost" of the image stays there. Just started out of no where...anyone know how to fix it? I do play OpenRCT2.
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