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  1. It works now properly. no idea why it kept happening.
  2. That indeed fixed it, I still have the bugged savefile above (exported now), for maybe figuring out why. edit; fixes it, but it returns.
  3. https://gyazo.com/a28d8a74501931d49ec845286e2afeda Don't know what happened, was not hacking or anything (only raising land). Was playing on https://openrct2.org/downloads/develop/a1bdf38 build. Bug also shows in RCT2 vanilla when loading savegame. Is this fixable? Thanks in advance, phann phyper46.sv6
  4. Thats strange, I took the right file out of the rct1 folder and put it in the rct2 folder and renamed it as it said and this made this error. Removing the file again removes the displayed errors. -edit- fixed. (make sure the file is put in the data folder, I dont know how I did this wrong 4+ times, lmao)
  5. https://gyazo.com/4c2a137e4d7d019d042557b4a40e0a75 Probably this is the error.
  6. Its fixed, thanks to the openrct dev.
  7. Sorry about that, here it is. RMCNIELS6.sv6
  8. So I was working on this custom coaster, and im not sure but I might have build a huge part while the game being paused. Now I cant open the file anymore, tried in : stable builds, latest dev build, RCT2. I added the file if someone has the knowledge to fix this. Thanks in advance. ^ RMCNIELS5.SV6
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