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  1. Can you only use custom scenery in the scenario editor or can I use it in already built scenarios? I'm new to openrct2, I'm just trying to figuring things out.
  2. I figured it out, ty for your help
  3. yes the folder just said "object" No errors on startup. If your talking about the object selection in scenario editor custom is checked. I reinstalled openrct2 and it's still the same, no object folder I made one, still nothing.....this is what my documents/openrct2 looks like
  4. I'm trying to put custom scenery into the game and I'm having no luck. I have no objects folder in my documents/openrct2. I've tried to but the scenery in the actual rct2 objdata folder I got nothing. I tried making a object folder in my documents/openrct2 and that didn't work. I even tried putting the files in with the json files nothing. I'm ripping my hair out over here. Does anybody know where the F@ck these custom files go.
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