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  1. Thanks :^) Still I think rides devalue too quickly.
  2. So I have tried out OpenRCT2 to play the scenarios of RCT1, but I have noticed that many will not bother riding on my thrill rides and gentle rides. Sure they will ride on it at first for a few weeks but then eventually they will just ignore it thinking "I'm not paying that much for x" or "I want to go on something more thrilling". It's not just those rides that suffer from guests suddenly becoming cheap. I built a log flume that was decently exciting, but then later on guests kept demanding lower prices, despite them initially accepting it. So what gives? Why can they initially accept them, but then later on get so anal and cheap? I also have noticed that a lot of the guests will just enter the park, and then leave barely riding on anything or not riding on anything, despite a good amount of rides that would be their fitting? I had this problem with Frontier Forest and Dynamite Dunes and so far this has distasted me from enjoying the scenarios that I might drop the scenarios all together if this will be a problem throughout. I don't think it's a problem with the paths as the layouts have been pretty straight forward. I also remember the guests in original RCT1 not being as strict ergo I remember the scenarios back then being easier. So can anyone tell me what's wrong and if this is a problem with OpenRCT2 or not?
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