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  1. well you were quick to respond to my first message perhaps you've gone to sleep???? i sometimes suspect that you all are purposely sabotaging this game.
  2. Well this is making the current version practically unplayable, but i guess i can try to be patient. Why would such a critical feature be flawed?
  3. I see how to save a custom track design but i don't understand how to load a custom track design.
  4. I have never been able to start my own room/server. My internet is xfinity hotspot, which i log into through a web browser, i have no modem or router of my own, and i am probably "piggybacking" off of someone else's equiptment which i have no access to. I have tried turning my firewall off completely and making up random 5 digit numbers for a port, but these things do not work. Is it even possible for me to host my own server while using this "hot spot" internet??? By the way i have read about "opening ports" and i either don't understand how to do this or i need access to my router which i ha
  5. i am getting disconnected most of the time but not always, when i try to save the map i am working on; to my computer.
  6. I guess this could be solved using golden shovel cheats, but a moper-magnet to pick up and move many grumpy guests at one time to exit for example would be cool. Or just a people magnet to pick up suddenly stranded or lost guests. and even though they do seem to find their way back to the paths on their own when lost, i still think its a good idea.
  7. I do not see how to save and load individual track designs while playing openrct2. Is there a way to do this? I would like to be able to save delete and then reload a track design to -in a sense -"move" -the coaster to another part or position of the park. It'd be even better if one could just select or "grab" the coaster and move it with the mouse.
  8. Tables would be great.
  9. One of the most vital objects that i think are missing from this game are tables; such as picnic, or dining. It is so strange that they are not included. I cringe at the thought of having to replace half of all of the benches in my parks with tables, but if they become available that may be exactly what i will do.
  10. Hello, i have had problems in the past running openrct2 altogether, but now that the latest versions are finally not crashing on my computer, i have noticed a terrible problem; the guests are getting clustered worse than ever before, and can't go around simple corners or objects to get to the next event, or whatever event they are seeking. Not only does this make it difficult for me to create aesthetically pleasing and successful parks, but it also encourages other, younger players to make rediculous one-path wide parks with no open space, over-crowded with coasters. I have mentioned this prob
  11. I recently downloaded one of the most recent . develop builds of openrct2. The app is crashing at about the point that it almost finishes downloading the "rooms map". I have only successfully joined a game once, otherwise the game crashes 90% of the time. The only build of openrct2 that has ran smoothly on my computer was one that said "fix" in the green bar instead of "develop", but i have not seen a "fix" build in weeks and do not see a way to go back in time and find one.
  12. ok, well thanks for investigating. It'd be great if this could be applied to the cheats menu. I'd like to know if it ever is. And what about purchasing unpurchasable land?
  13. so you're saying that it is impossible to raise land higher than 120 feet or not? or also it is impossible to purchase unpurchasable land?
  14. hello. I was building today in openrct offline, and realized i can not raise land more than 120 feet. I have golden shovel activated and still see no way to change height limitations. I have asked before for a commands/variables list for the console, but no one seemed to know of one (i am guessing there may be a way to change height limitations in the console). Also, i cannot make unpurchasable land purchasable in scenarios where there is only a fraction of the map available for purchase (leafy lake for example). How do i change these parameters? is it possible to change these parameters?
  15. and i mean any multi-dimension coaster. I've seen "x" but sometimes if i design my own multi-dim coaster i would like it to run front facing, and the game is not allowing me to do this. Well thanks for trying to help, but maybe a webmaster will see this and be an even better help.. or i'll just make all my multi-dim coasters run backwards, because they'd probably have to re-code the game to change this.
  16. well that's exactly what i'm saying is that you can't make it run front-facing unless everybody is upside down, so this is a problem... makes no sense. I want the ride to run forward-facing.
  17. Hello. I recently inquired about a multi-dimension coaster i designed, but forgot to mention; the multi-dimension coasters seem to only run backwards...??? is there a way to make the seats and cars front facing???
  18. o.k., thanks a lot i did not see that. i am still learning to build coasters. So i changed one of the last turns and im getting 6.58, 9.25, 8.36 i'll continue to experiment.
  19. No, the game gave my coaster; 17 (ultra extreme) intensity; 1 excitement; and 14 nausea. This does not seem to be a fair judgment of this coaster, it looks like a good coaster to me... Did you actually look at it?
  20. Here is one coaster i designed for example... it is in this park multi dim coaster (the fourth dimension).SV6
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