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Trouble with Scenarios

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Hello, I have run into trouble trying to open or create scenarios.

When I create a scenario (even using the most basic scenario possible) it does not save in my scenarios folder, under rct2 or openrct2.

I have tried saving scenarios in other places and then moving them to the proper folders but have not been able to find a solution.

I am running rct2 through steam, I have tried reinstalling everything, I have opened rct2 multiple times.

Not sure if I am missing something but any help would be highly appreciated.

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Ok I messed around and reinstalled everything so everything is default and my scenarios save in the openrct2 scenarios folder in documents, when I save a new scenario, I have to "use system dialog window" to save them though. And yes they are saved as .sc6. When I save them in the default spot, and in game select the scenario to be under the "other parks" tab they are not there. 

I have the scenarios, and cannot open them. I have tried changing them to sv6 with no success.

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