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OpenRCT Multiplayer new Posibillities?

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before i beginn: Im new at the Forum and hope im on the right Threat to post this idea. I also dont know if anyone was aware of this idea since beginning of the multiplayer.
And a HUGE sorry if i write things a little funny, english is not my native language, but please dont holt back to answer me so ;)

With the multiplayer and many of its new features OpenRCT2 has become one of my alltime favorites - as short as it runs - and by playing there came me an idea
thats rather easy to do (i guess, because i have only little expirience in programming). But let me back a little bit up.

Since a short time periode a game named 'Subterfuge' enriched the Android Appstore. Bevore app strategy games where more often: build some thing, wait realtime, build another thing.
Dont know why, because obviously many people appeal to those gameplay mechanics, but i never got a grip on that. Other in Subterfuge, where the gameplay is realtime, but
so slowed down that you can play it over days. A round goes about 10 minutes in realtime, but since there are hours bevore one ship reaches the station of another, it takes days.

Since OpenRCT2 is no vs. game, there is evtl. no slowdown needet, but if its possible it would be an great idea for an server based, long term, park building gameplay.
Also if there where an slowdown funktion maybe the lag reduces because of the slower pace of information outdating (tech babble - i have no glue on that. Sorry)
AND! And here is an point that i will adress - people with disability can profit by slowing things down. My Mother is in need of an wheelchair since an car accident
and Rollercoaster Tycoon is an great game for playing because of its simplicity and usage of mostly 'one mousbutton'. However things go very fast if you try to play with your
chin attached to an joystick. Even with an Xbox Controller - try it out - its by far not so much fun, and especially to fast.


so clear cut. I dont want to take more time from you than needet.
please write what your thinking about that, even when you not familliar with programming (like me).

I wish you all the best - great game and thank you for to bring back such a great titel.

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I don't think most people could get anything done efficiently with a joypad, because the game wasn't built considering the use of one. Also, I believe the Xbox version of RCT simply maps mouse controls to the stick, and you can do that with a third-party software these days now :)

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Wow, RTC for Xbox? Dont see that so far. Thx.

But thats not exactly what i ment. Its not an controller. Its an joystic for disablet people wich operates over bluetooth as an mouse.
And controlling the game is not as much of a problem, as the speed it runs at.
See, if you try to play a game with an joystic and one button you can use as far as i know every option and do almost everything in RTC,
but you cant do it as quickly as you can with a mouse. Simply the accuracy fails. There for slow the game maybe 20% (maybe up to 60%) down
and you can keep up again. I hope your understand what i try to say.

also it gives chance to play with friends over a long time periode with an headless server.
Picture it like you drop in every midday, look up whats happend. Maybe there are a new income you can spent on new attracktions, maybe you got a price
the game runs like a few times slower than originally so maybe every minute of the game is an hour long, maybe even slower. You can Drop in when you want
without missing to much and its not a big deal if an friend joins an hour later, because it runs so slow you have only an hour missed. Sound odd i know, but
please take a look on the principle of Subterfuge, than maybe you can see whats the idea of that.

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I know I'm replying to a month old post, so bear with me :P. To play this game on a joystick, the game would need to be slowed down in terms of time to improve efficiency. That's what you meant, right? Well, I believe slowing in-game time-per-tick is in the works for the future, but I don't see how that would be helpful to you in terms of functionality in a multiplayer server(unless you are working on a scenario that has deadline objectives and stuff). You say someone wouldn't miss out on much if they reach an hour late to a server, but they actually will, if people in the server are fast at building stuff in general.

If you meant slowing actual game-time down so that things build slowly, I don't understand you quite clearly. Everything in RCT2 is built instantaneously with a single click. Adding a timer would be horrible, and would remind us all of... *shudder* RCTW.

I tried to understand your post to the best of my ability, and the only reason I replied back to you is because your post slipped by me unnoticed. Oh well...

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I should also mention that the game is fairly slow as is. There's pretty much just some speed you would miss out on at the beginning of a scenario, but as it goes on, you're basically just waiting on cash. And slowed time would effectivly be completely pointless in sandbox/forever goal scenarios (like Extreme Heights)

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Thank you for replying ziscor.
Yes you'r right, a timer would be horrible! Please dont mention it further (~_~) brrrr....

No what i meant was simply let the time run slower because of the cash flow. See if you can build instantly you still have to wait for money to come in. At the time if i let the server run it would take an hour or two to generate millions or to depress my customers (i dunno how exactly it works). With an slower gameplay it takes longer for money to come in and so you can peak in, spend some money and do what ever else in the meantime. Its like those 'alongside-Mode' in uplink i guess? Or one of those Hacker Ev. games... not sure sorry. In those modes you can run your "virtual desk" on minimize and become from time to time new mails for new missions. The game runs much slower, but thats kinda what makes the imersion in this type of game. Clearly RCT was not ment for that, as you see with RCTW brrr.... [~_~] BUT, why not have a parkserver running in the background that you can come back to and use it kinda as an aquarium like experience?
Would't that be RCTW done right? I mean its biggest flawes layed in those gruesome wait mechanics and the limitation its burdend (is this a word?) to its players.

So or so, i see that this feature is not very wanted by the community. I thought it was an easy task to add an slowdown system, but if its not wanted why the least efford? (if it was so little effort - still no clue on that - devs: your doing a good job - dont be offendet by that please)
It was an Idea and i can understand if its not the best - there for are ideas - to use them or trow them away ;D

so i hope i let not to much of an rent behind me and wish the project, as before the best.
Thank you for the answers :) and see ya!

Sorry again if my english is not the best and have many typos. Still trying to do my best :D'

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