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My name is Alex, better known online as Maklarr4000, and it is good to be here! I recall many projects coming and going- lofty aims never seeming to be fulfilled, but this project has done it- you made RCT2 "work", and gave it room to grow. In short, my hat off to the devs, you have done an incredible thing for which we all owe you a great debt!

To begin, I would ask if someone could direct me to a "start" guide or an FAQ on how to make things go. I can't seem to figure out the chat system, among other things.

Second, how does one go about setting up servers? I've got a lot of resources I'd love to open up the public, as these "crazy" public servers seem to be the hot thing.

I'll definitely be playing along in the future! If there's any way I may be of assistance to the community here (beyond spreading the word as far as I can of course) let me know!


Man, playing RCT2 again is just... wow, it's a great feeling. It feels like home. Seriously, to the devs and all of you who make it happen and have kept it going, thank you. ^_^

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