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Hey there!


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Hello everyone!

My name is Paul (aka PoshTopHat), I'm 21 years of age and live in The Netherlands. I'm a streamer on twitch.tv (same username) and since I had the original CD copy of RCT2 since I was a kid and played it like my life depended on it, I was really looking forward to streaming it.

Problem was that the game didn't even get recognised as an application (damn you DirectX!), but luckily someone introduced me to OpenRCT2 and I got to relive my childhood on stream again, not to mention you people even fixed some bugs I utterly hated when I was young!

Sadly, my programming skills are somewhat limited, but I'll try my best to think along and hopefully make some useful remarks here and there. For now, please keep on doing what you guys do, since I'm loving every bit/byte of it!


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