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Coszie Park 2016-12-02 22-51-22.pngCoszie Park 2016-12-02 22-47-10.pngCoszie Park 2016-12-02 22-51-56.png

YoloSweggLord was right once again!

Introducing Legion, The Ninja and Cleopatra's Comeback!

First up Cleopatra's Comeback, the coaster previously in the park known as Religious Rollback. The coaster name and theme was taken as controversial by the general public so has been up in the re-theme list for a while now.

  • Family friendly coaster called Religious Rollback, badly needs a retheme but I am out of ideas tbh ( religion doesn't really fit in a theme park, especially as I want to be neutral as park )

Now it will be known as Cleopatra's Comeback, as you are brought to an immersive experience, what has the Queen of the Nile to offer?

Even though interaction is becoming a larger part of any attraction, whether it be a museum, a performance or in this case a boat ride. People kept leaving their boats along the shore because they didn't know they had to exercise their muscles while riding this ride, instead of placing signs in the queue, the park has bought an expensive boat system including onboard audio. (Because it's a really long ride, with emphasis on really long.) Sights of the Nile is now new at Coszie Park!

In a rapid battle you tumble, evade and duck to all sides, so does Legion! Legion is a family ride for all ages! 

The Ninja, just out of the academy and immediately send on a mission. On rapid pace you manoeuvre your way to your target, when on the way back you have to hide followed by a sprint. Oh no, you've been seen, you jump on a horse-drawn carriage and follow a bumpy road through the hills. As you take a shortcut, you've broken away from the pursuers as you quickly redraw back to the academy.


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1 hour ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

No. What I'm saying is that i was religiously themed and @Wuis said it was probably Muslim but I said that since it was Egyptian themed aswell, it could've been Coptic

I can confirm it was themed to the Islam religion. ;)

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Okay, say that you won't be mad? Yes? Agreed? Okay.

I've been working on Coszie Park again, though this time, there's not just a replacement, but also a new addition. :D 

So first up the Shot N' Drop, was a very weak attraction of the park, the theming had the least thought to it. So I really wanted to have that gone, though, I do think a Shot N' Drop is nice to have, so I made one not inspired by a non-german park, which isn't doomed by it's location and doesn't have seven coasters.


It's now called "Tower of Sage", but that might change in the future if I stumble upon something.

So now we have quite the area for a new attraction, and I really tried anything here. I soon discovered that I absolutely didn't want to build a coaster, as the park is quite full of them. Then I especially tried making dark rides, but they have so low ratings that it's kind of not worth building them. Then I even thought about replacing the merry-go-round over here, but I think I prefer it at the entrance and there would be even less place for something new at the entrance. So I ended up realising the park had no Go Karts, which shocked me to be honest. (Main requirements for a park by Wuis are rapid rivers and go karts.) The layout was relatively simple to think of, but theming was another thing. I didn't want to copy any of the styles used by the other buildings, especially after the same style as the monorail/log flume station miserably failed. So I ended up realising that East Tyrol is an Italian province, so I ended up theming it towards that. And I'm really happy with the result. Although I am biased as the mine/wild west themes are my favourite. (The wild west only for the post fence)


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