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Starting a new Mega Park


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I'm starting a mega park with a few of my close friends, and any others willing to help out with the park, but I'm having a few difficulties with the server:

  • Whenever someone attempts to log into the server I've created, my game crashes, and their screens show up as "no data"
  • Starting the server/ opening the ports was extremely confusing, and I don't know if it was done properly

I'm also concerned that my laptop, a MSI Ge62 6QD Apache Pro, isn't powerful enough to run the server alone. 

My friends and I concluded that two decently major themes in the park are going to be Asian, and Winter. Other ideas would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in ever joining the park, just reply, I am uncertain on how often I will be able to have the server open, but I can easily move the server to my desktop, which can run the server nearly continuously.

Any help you more experienced players can provide would be fantastic.

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Your Laptop should run it without any problems.

If you are planning to play only with your friends, then install a password on the server, because trollers will ruin the whole server by changing the landcolour, or they will fuck around with the land tool. That's why i preffer also using the  "No Money" option.

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The no data build should be fixed in the next build. Make sure you all (both clients and servers) are on the same, newest build of the game. You can use a launcher to automate the update process :) 

If you want less bugs, try using the stable builds. They are a bit older, but they won't contain the bugs like the "No Data" one which we've seen pop up a lot on the forums in the last few days. (that one should be fixed now though :D )

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I ran my server also today for 8 hours and i had no griefers at all. There was only a impersonator ingame, but kicked that guy a few times instead changing his group.


I only had the first server crash after 2 hours. Sometimes i had a few within 5 minutes. Annoying ? Not if you have your autosave set to 1 minute.


Btw i'm using Build 1703, because i can cheat in there ( only cheats i need is guest cheating ( happyness and hunger cheat )

And a cheat to remove litter, mowing grass and fix the benches and bins that got destroyed by those vandals. 

My server name is named: flat mega park. This is the name i always use. Some of you know my server probably.


I recommend to make a group named: Trolls and only allow them to use the chat if griefers coming.

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