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Logs and Server Rules in Multiplayer Mode


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Hello, I run a CO-OP server and people kept modifying hills which is what I don't like. There should be logs to keep up track of what players have done in the server and this is useful for hosters so they can kick the player out of the server after finding out who did something wrong. And there should also be rules so people can know what is allowed and what is forbidden in the server. 

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It would be especially helpful to have a list of options as to what kind of permissions players have. Like being able to decide whether or not players can modify hills, buy land, use cheats, etc. when the host starts a server.

That way instead of always worrying about server rules and who isn't following them, people would just be blocked from doing certain things. Although the option to list rules would be helpful as well.

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Exactly. Ideally all elements that the player cannot use over a network should be hidden at all, including the hotkeys to open them. Also cheats are not being synced, the server can change the parameters of a park, but everyone needs to reconnect to have the updated information.

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