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Flat mega park


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Vikman, me and someone else are currently creating a mega park, and my goal is actually to cram so much in as possible. I think that the hoster ( Vikman ) used the default settings during the scenario creating, but it looks pretty nice from now.  And there is a Minirail road that goes thru the whole map and has a few stops here and there to let out the guests. Also guests keeps coming. Currently we almost have 2700 guest at september, year 3.

We don't use money for this one. We had a few bugs sorted out that caused the server crashing mutliple time, and a ride was causing this "FireCracker Ride".









Few ingame years later and it starting to get full of rides and nice 4000 guests WITHOUT any cheating whatsoever.


Nice go karts build between the roller coaster. Dunno by who though.


Here i had some problems with that Giga Coaster getting Ultra Extreme intense rate. Few edits later and it's all fine.

Seems that more guests are coming when more rides are being build. I have no experience with "No Money" option. I always used ingame cash.

Next map probably gonna be 200x200.



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Small  update on the park again.

It had about 6600 guests when i came online there at year 10, but we had a massive park rating drop aswell guests that leaving.

I made some underground paths and above the ground almost directly to the exit/entrance of the park.

It seems that did the trick pretty well !









After the small fixes for the guests and park rating went straight up again aswell the guests again



Amount of Staff:

108 Handymans,

30 Mechanics

7 Security Guards

13 Entertainers


Staff can only be placed by the host and all other clients need to re-connect inorder to sync them.

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