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Ride refurbishment


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Something I've missed sorely from the RCT games, which I think would be quite easy to implement:

You know how rides become less reliable over time? Sometimes to the extent that you need a dedicated mechanic on standby to fix it every time it breaks down? To the point of it basically becoming inoperable, because its downtime exceeds its uptime? I'm proposing an option, under the ride's maintenance tab, to put the ride back in "prime condition", at a cost. Say, the monetary difference between its current value and its brand-new-value. It would basically be equivalent to demolishing and rebuilding the ride, but in a single click (plus maybe a yes/no dialog box).

There would be little economical gain in refurbishing rides, but it'd remove the hassle of dispatching mechanics all the time, plus reduce the amounts of "Ride X has broken down" messages in the news bar. All in all, a simple QOL feature I'd love to see implemented.


Also, hi everybody!

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This has already been discussed somewhere (can't remember where) and I agree that this button should be implemented. You can already demolish the entire ride and rebuild it at a higher cost. Calculate this cost, add €1000 to it (or currency equivalent), click the easy-to-use button to pay it and you have your ride renewed, including the popularity boost that comes with all new rides.

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Yeah, giving back the entire popularity boost is a little too generous, I think. It's already borderline unreasonable that if you demolish an old ride and put a new, identical one in the same place, with the same themeing, queue lines and ride configuration, people will love it like it's something they've never seen before. When applied to what is essentially the same ride, it'd be even stranger to see people flock to it as if it was brand new. My main beef is with maintenance, and I believe that it could be fixed rather reasonably with a "replace hardware" button.

Then again, I suppose it's easier to code it with the full popularity boost. That code would boil down to "remove ride and put an identical one in its place", whereas you'd need a lot more trickery to lower the popularity boost.

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