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surprised this hasn't been fixed - when placing a predesigned rollercoaster or ride, sometimes there is a gap between the tip of the path and the ground causing the inability for the path from the entrance / exit of the ride to connect with the main paths in the park thus rendering the ride useless. 

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@ryguyoaye have you tried using path tool to connect the missing bits? What I am seeing is a pre-build placed with the scenery option toggled on;  the missing path could be due to elevation differences or missing all together from the saved ride. When you toggle "Roman Pantheon" icon in the window where you select a pre-build ride or option to create your own, you can turn off custom scenery which would make you build your own path to connect everything. In the game's  toolbar, on the right > 5th icon. two choices: regular path and queue line both in single tile or bridge modes. Give this a shot! Let us know us know that tool works.

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@jfox21117@ryguyoaye, now I understand what you meant. That's normal for a prebuilt ride when you place it on terrain that isn't the same as where you created it.

When I want to use a prebuilt that has pathing, I turn off the parthing in the ride selection, and  add it once I've placed the ride.

It's not a bug or error as such, it's just how the game was originally designed.

It's simple enough to just place the missing path tiles too.

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