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Downloading Updates Takes Forever

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Lately updating has started to take a very long time. At first it would download with close to 60mB/s (7.5MB/s) and it was done in just a few seconds, but now it stays around 300kB/s (37.5KB/s) while downloading, which takes forever to finish.I've tried downloading at multiple places from different providers, and the problem persists everywhere. Other services such as streaming reach high up- and download speeds without any issues, so I doubt it's just from my end.Is this the right place to mention this, or do the updates get downloaded from another site and should they know?

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Weird, I've got a steady 70Mbps downlink today. But yesterday something was wrong with the server itself, it took a long time to generate the pages or downloads... But that seems to be fixed now though.But I was already looking a bit for a hoster with 1Gbps port instead of the 100mbps we now have. But everything is so expensive compared to where we're now :(

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