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Install time twister and wacky worlds

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I have found by original 2 discs for the expansion packs.... Is there any guide as to what I need to do to unpack the neccassay data and where to put it in my openRCT2 files? 


Running openRCT on Linux for what it's worth and don't have access to a Windows machine with a working disc drive 

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Assuming you do have access to a working disc drive on your Linux machine and already got OpenRCT2 to work with vanilla RCT2.

I'm not sure how the file structure on the CD is. If it's just plain data files, move them to the corresponding folder in your RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) folder on your machine. If it's an installer, you will first need to extract the files from it. You might be able to unzip it by changing the extension, but otherwise I don't know.

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