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Merging tracks in openrct2

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Hi there :)I think this is already mentioned somewhere on the forum but I can't find it. I saw some topics where it was mentioned and it said that I must use a cheat to do that, but I can't find it in the game. If I start the game via OpenRCT2 I use the stable version. If I start the game with the launcher I use the development version, but I can't find the needed cheat for it. In another topic I found this from Jens:

The function to merge tracks is already in the game, look for cheats in the options menu, enable it and you should have two cogs in your toolbar in the game. Select disable clearance checks there and you can merge rides by building through the other ride.
But when I enter that in the debugging-mode (with the two cogs) it doesn't seem to work either.Today I found this video on youtube. The guy who made this video shows us how to merge tracks via a detailed explonation. On 2:07 he turns on "Enable twitch integration" (I don't know what this has to do with merging tracks, but I can't find that option in my game). Moments later, on 2:31, he turns on "Zero clearence" via the cheat menu wich I don't have either in my cheat menu (in my cheat-menu it has "heights limits removed" on that spot.Here's the Youtube-video that I found on how to merge in OpenRCT2 (wich doesn't work for me):[yt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41iXJFhnNDE[/yt]So, I know how I had to merge tracks via the old way with 8-cars trainer back in the old days (that's why I have XPmode on a virtual machine on my laptop, so I can do the merging in the good old fashion Windows XP). but that doesn't work with 8-cars trainer in Windows 7 or with OpenRCT2.Here's a Youtube-video how it's done via the old way, wich does work for me:[yt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hxuoo4mocE[/yt]Could someone please write a nice and detailed tutorial on how to merge tracks via OpenRCT2 ?
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You have to click and hold the two cogs and select 'disable clearance checks'. If you let go immediatly you'll automatically go to the cheats menu (where it was in an older version). It's the same thing you have to do when hiding supports using only your mouse, you have to hold and drag down to select something other than the default option (which is underground view in the visibility menu).

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Hi there Jens,I don't know what version you are using for this, but this is how my version looks like. I know you are Dutch so you understand what I mean. Left picture is opened via the launcher and is the latest development-build, right picture is the latest stable build via normal OpenRCT2...In the left picture I have an extra menu for the cheats, in the right picture I don't have that extra menu...View imageSo what am I supposed to do from here ?

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