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Zero-G Stalls in Open Rct2 ?

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1 hour ago, ExCrafty said:

So if I understand it right, from looking at videos, a zero-g stall is simply a half inline twist or barrel roll that stays inverted and then goes down like say the second half of a loop, or just a drop

No, that is what is commonly called a dive drop. A zero G stall is similar to a zero G roll, but instead of continuous 360 degree rotation, there are two half rotations, such that the train is not rolling at the apex. The second rotation may then go the opposite direction to the first. A good example is the zero G stall on Zadra 68400640_2228389517273821_4909018095999254528_n.thumb.jpg.a4440634edf77749b60d3869bd2d0ae9.jpg

Zero G stalls were first introduced by RMC and are very common on their coasters, though a few other manufacturers now also use them.


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I found this video today were somebody made Flash vertical velocity at six flags great adventure. Actually an amazing recreation, but I noticed that he was able to build  a stall like element. It's not exatly a Zero G Stall, but similar. After I saw this I started thinking how this was done, and I thought it was done with the flying coaster. I tried it, but the ride just crashed. Can somebody help me? 


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