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Question about Frame Rates

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Ever since getting OpenRCT2 I've really had no serious issues running the game in any form it's been. I have always had the frame rate uncapped. It never goes above 60, yet I've seen screenshots and videos of other people with 100+. My system is about 3 years old, with an i5 processor and a 1060 6GB GPU. I have 16GB RAM and have very recently upgraded storage to an M.2 2TB directly on the M/B.

I don't normally use OpenGL, but when I do it significantly DROPS the frame rate. I also run the game windowed as full screen still has issues of black screen if I need to alt-tab to something else. Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if at least a portion of the trouble is Windows 11.

I realise that some of it is due to the volume of stuff the game is trying to draw and animate at once, as this is more of a thing as my parks get more and more detailed.

Information and suggestions are welcome, but please don't suggest alternate operating systems.  :)

I don't use Discord (personal dislike). This is the only place I come to for OpenRCT2 info.

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maybe this helps u to compare:


map size 256x256, basically full with all available rides and scenery, +-15.000 guests


2k display resolution (2560x1440), normal zoom level, eg base zoom level:

- all graphics quality settings maxed out in-driver and in-game

- fps are capted at monitor freesync 144hz/v-sync enabled


openGL 140 ish

software 100 ish

software/hardware disabled 135 ish


system: i9 9900kf, 32gb ddr4 3800 cl14, radeon rx6800 16gb, 1tb nvme pcie3 / win10pro, everything up to date.





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No TomOliver, that didn't help at all. Jenj12 answered my query much better. I found what I was after and now I can get frame rates into the 300-400 depending on zoom. Zoomed right out still drops it to under 60 though, but I'm not concerned as the whole "v-sync" thing is what was my problem.  :)

I haven't been up to date on computer stuff h/w or s/w for over 10 years now. So the acronym K.I.S.S. is the best way to get information across with me.   :)



If people don't know that acronym, it's --- Keep It Simple, Stupid.  :)

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