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Smoothing Landscape


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Hi everyone,I'm new here but I've played a lot with openRCT and I've madereally awesome things :DBut I've got an idea:The mountain tool is a nice addon but when I use it likethe pictures below then something strange happens :(1) 2) So maybe make an checkbox or button or somethingthat ignores the edges of higher plateau/land.

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Is this really an issue? It's been that way since RCT1. What's the result you expected exactly by making that move?Link tags do work fine by the way, there's just no text to be displayed.Use it like this[ url=link_to_image]Text to display[/url] (without the space after the [)Edit: Oh, now I get what you mean, you only wanted the land at the same height to move down, and not that plateau. :P

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