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Exporting .park savefiles to RCT1/RCT2/RCTC

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Hi all,


First of all thanks to the developing team and the community for keeping this game not only alive, but expanding the game far beyond what Sawyer could dream of. Great to see the hard work that has been put in to use RCTC as a build-on option as well. Just bought RCTC for windows 10 x64, so good to be able to use that game as base while supporting the creators of the original game as well.

So I understand the consideration that went into creating the .park files to expand the possibilities of the game. But am I correct to assume this means the save files from ORCT are not compatible with the base games RCT1/RCT2/RCTC? Is it also correct there is no way to save games in ORCT using the original .sv4 or .sv6 formats?

Hope to hear from you. Thanks for the good work and keep it up!

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