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Using RCT2 demo

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Hi all,

First time poster on this forum after starting to play OpenRCT2 just recently! I have been playing RCT1 since I was a kid, considering I am in my thirties now that is a long time 😁 I have always played RCT1 however and never really touched RCT2. For some reason it lacked some atmosphere in my opinion, but I cannot exactly put on finger on what it exactly is that makes me like RCT1 way better than 2.

Anyway, as said, recently I started playing OpenRCT2. I own all original cd's of RCT1, RCT2 and RCT3. However, I live in a small apartment so my girlfriend decided one day to clear out the shelves, so the cd's are sitting in a box in the basement now. I also own Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic on Steam, but I understood that isn't really compatible with OpenRCT2. Therefore, I downloaded the RCT2 demo and used that as base for my OpenRCT2 installation. Everything works fine, I have all of the RCT1 scenario's in the game as well even though I haven't entered the path for my RCT1 installation in the settings. 

There are some minor issues though: I cannot play the RCT1 music in the main menu, apart from the merry-go-round and dodgems ride music doesn't work (I can switch it on, but hear nothing) and some stuff from RCT1 is not showing up (like the green queue line path). My question: will this stuff work correctly when I retrieve my original cd's from my basement and re-install OpenRCT2 using those as the base rather than the RCT2 demo?

I am very happy using OpenRCT2 right now, but these minor things (especially the ride music) would really be the finishing touch!

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10 hours ago, Vld1989 said:

Everything works fine, I have all of the RCT1 scenario's in the game as well even though I haven't entered the path for my RCT1 installation in the settings. 

The game tries to pull scenarios, tracks and maybe some other stuff from a variety of places when you first launch OpenRCT2, but you might need to specify the RCT1 path in the settings to fully access all imported RCT1 features.

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1 hour ago, Vld1989 said:

Sorry for replying a bit late to you guys!

I have retrieved the original discs now and will try to install them later today. I presume I also need to reinstall OpenRCT2 then?

I don't recall linking RCT/2 as part of the OpenRCT2 "first-launch-configuration" process: you should be able to simply access OpenRCT2 "Options" (um, I guess ...) and make sure that RCT/2 Installation-file-paths are current and correct; once done, you might need to exit & re-launch OpenRCT2.

Otherwise, yeah, wipe OpenRCT2 and re-install after you have the required RCT/2 file-paths properly in-place.


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There should be no need to re-install OpenRCT2. If you use the launcher (not sure about the new launcher by IntelOrca), you can specify the RCT2 install location in the launcher options. Otherwise, either wipe the config.ini file in you OpenRCT2 documents folder, or open it and clear the RCT2 install location line (to preserve your other settings). OpenRCT2 should automatically find RCT2 installations in default locations if none is specified in the config file, or ask you if it fails.

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