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transparent water without animation

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do you think you can add transparent water without animation as it was in the original roller coaster tycoon , it was called underwater view

it will add a sense of originality to the game.

also the parks tab should have a choice whether to arrange the parks vertically or horizontally.



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11 hours ago, mapplayer said:

also the parks tab should have a choice whether to arrange the parks vertically or horizontally.

This was discussed when changing it but deliberately not added for two reasons. As with any extra option, it clutters the codebase with more conditionals making it more likely to introduce bugs. And the original horizontal view was not suitable for for adding more tabs. The vertical arrangement already allows more tabs to be visible in the first place and makes scrolling (when eventually needed) more intuitive, leading to a better user experience.

Underwater view was already added to the game. If there's anything you'd like to see changed to it, please clearly show the difference and why the change is needed.

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the parks would look more graphically pleasing if they added the original underwater view as an option in the game, it is a tremendous tool that would allow you to see terrain changed underwater with more precision and ease, it also good for underwater ride construction and for lake landscaping!

It Would add a sense of originality to the game just like opaque water did, imagine underwater view, transparent water, and opaque water!

Please Consider it!

I would appreciate it a lot and recommend the game to other players



Evergreen Gardens.png

Evergreen Gardens-2.png

Evergreen Gardens-3.png

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I've tried not to add my two cents worth on this, but I'm doing so now. I apologise if I have misunderstood your reasoning.

Your pictures don't show anything different to what already exists in the game, from what I can see. If you want to "sculpt" terrain that will be underwater, lower the water and raise it again once you're done.

"Underwater rides", as far as I know, there are none, and never have been.

And you're saying that you would not recommend the game to others without your changes ? That's not very nice. These people put a lot of work into this re-imagining of our much liked (I won't say loved) game, and it's orders of magnitude improved from the original, while still maintaining the original flavour and spirit.

I'll stop now before I type anything that could get me hated.

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the water is somehow different than the transparent water of the original roller coaster tycoon and i was wondering if the could add the original transparent layer to the new open rct2 as a choice, to be able to have the two choices the original transparent water (RCT) and the new transparent (RCT2).

Evergreen Gardens 2022-11-23 10-52-56.png

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I've been playing RCT since it was released back in the early 2000s (I forget exactly when it was released). How the view is now is how it's always been, except now you can make the water opaque. As you can see in this screenshot, supports are visible by simply selecting "Transparent Water".

Screenshot 2022.11.24 -

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