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"A labour of love". For want of a better way to put it.

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More recently I've noticed that more and more people are wanting more and more variety of elements for their parks (This is not really a bad thing).

What I think people frequently forget is that this is an unpaid, fan based, (probably) labour intensive, "vintage" game that was created back in 1999.

"Modernising" can't be a simple task. I suspect nobody doing this work is being paid to do it. If I could help, I would, but my lack of coding skills would be more of a hinderance that a help.

I apologise if some find my post rude or offensive, it's not intended that way. My hope is to remind people that almost anything changed with this game takes time. I myself wish there were several things that either were included, or work differently, but I try not to get annoyed that things aren't how I'd like them to be.

Just my opinion ...... and rant.

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Thanks, ExCrafty!

Yes, it’s a labour-intensive task, most of my spare time goes into OpenRCT2 and I have way more things I’d like to work on than I have time or energy.

I understand that people that excited and want more stuff. This is natural, and frankly, I’d rather deal with someone enthusiastic who just goes a bit overboard than with people who are complaining or even demanding. It’s just that everyone needs to keep in mind that we have limited time and energy. So thanks for reminding everyone. 👍

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