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Possible text glitch

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With my most recent update 07Jul22 20:45 AEST I have a bit of a concern with a ride I created. It shows 8.44 positive g and NOT red. I know for a fact that 8 1/2 g is not fun, usually 4.99 is the limit for staying in the black.

Talk about a high-g ride. Maybe I should make a G-Suit available to all who want to ride it.

8.44 +ve g and still in black.jpg

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The idea is that stats only show up in red if it inflicts a rating penalty. Positive vertical Gs never incur a penalty, so they won't show up in red, ever. Though it makes sense that stats only get red if it becomes problematic, maybe having insane vertical Gs never giving a penalty was the problem.

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That may be the case, but in my experience when a ride has positive g over 5, it displays it as red. I could make some examples if you want. If it never showed as red in the past, then I wouldn't have made the post. Unless this is a more recent feature that I hadn't noticed before now.

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