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No Longer Using The Launcher ????

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Gday All,

Just a couple of minutes ago I went to launcher OpenRCT2 via what I assumed would be the launcher. It opened the game straight away and above the selection options, there's an orange bar saying "update available". This opens the browser. Is this what's supposed to happen now ?

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If the game shows 'update available' after starting it with the launcher, you either encountered some race condition (update wasn't available yet when starting the launcher) or didn't start the game through the launcher. I'm using the launcher as well so I can't tell for sure but iirc clicking that button should indeed lead you to the OpenRCT2 website so you can quickly download the latest version.

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I was just logging in here to either delete my post or see if there was a response. I was getting the game crashing if I tried to open the options menu on the load screen. I re-installed the launcher just to be on the safe side, and for whatever reason, it's all working fine again.  :)

For clarification, what I meant above was that the desktop shortcut I'd been using for ages, DID NOT start the launcher as usual, but went straight to launching the game. :)

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