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This might seem like a strange idea, but here goes:I, as well as other people I'm sure, really want to support you guys. I don't have the funds to donate to donate. Seeing as how the website doesn't have ads (presumably to keep a nice interface and a good impression for new-comers), I'm guessing that 100% of the cost of server upkeep is out of pocket. So my proposed idea (or different options that I suggest) are:1. Turn on ads for all 2. Turn on ads for all, but have a toggle button to turn off ads for free3. Allow registered users to opt-in to advertisingI'm also wondering how hard it would be to allow advertising in-game (in a window). I know it might sound crazy, but I really want to support you guys, but I can't do it out of pocket.Whatcha think?

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The content store has ads. They do however only earn enough to pay circa half the server. But I'm happy paying the rest myself. It's possible ads are coming in the future (if the costs would rise due to more members or downloads or something) but at the moment the website will stay ad-free. Also, to be honoust, there is a system coded to automatically enable ads on the forum if there's a visitor surge. But those will not be visible for logged in users and will only be enabled if there are really a lot of visitors (let's say... We hit the frontpage of reddit and there are thousands of visitors)

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