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Virginia Reel Cars Graphics Glitch.

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After reducing the number of objects selected to sort out the Side Friction, and some other graphics issues, I saved and reloaded that game. Mostly sorted.

I build one of my pre-built Virginia Reel coasters and the cars have the appearance of the checkered ground tiles. Rather funny animation too. A couple of screenshots and the track in question. I'm running the latest dev version, updated minutes before loading the park.

OpenRCT2, v0.3.5.1 (fa68f79 on develop) provided by GitHub.

Australiana 2021-12-19 13-24-29.png

Australiana 2021-12-19 13-27-03.png

Choc Poko Slices Longer 2 Station.td6

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After reading today's forum posts, and seeing what Gymnasiast posted, I updated and loaded the park with this issue. All looks good for now, and I'm well aware this whole venture is a "work in progress". It sounds sucky to keep saying it, but you lot are doing a great job, I for one appreciate the effort being put into a non-profit game.  :)

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