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Problems with new save format

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I have recently downloaded Open RCT2 in the hope of creating a custom mega park scenario, with the option to select all rides/scenery items (as opposed to the limit of 128).

I downloaded the new save format (v0.3.3) to take advantage of the increased capacity, but the game glitches, doesnt generate a map, and doesn't work.

I downloaded the file from the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ehVshVp2EGCMS50UdgOq7OrPrHwFAZ3xm4g6dNGlpNY/edit#heading=h.ebdv3e50fvfu

When downloading more recent version the game works, but the 128 capacity is back in place. 

Does anyone know of an alternative file with with the new save format that will allow me to take advantage of the increased capacity features?


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Upon opening I get a black screen.  I can click through to the scenario editor mode, but in the background the park doesnt show, and it glitches as i move the screen around.

I've attached a couple of screenshots that probably explain the problem a bit better than i am able to.



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