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Scenery change

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Scenery.thumb.png.e66650ab19b99f1e26e564f0890f7371.pngHas there been a change in how scenery is organized?  I noticed a few weeks ago that some of my selected items were missing, but recently found them under the "Miscellanous" tab.  For example, you can see the stone bench is here when it used to be with all the other benches.  I will add that the stone bench may have been an item that I went back and added to the scenario while it was active (ie: used the in-game cheat to swap out items) if that makes a difference.

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Can confirm this started for me with the new save format. I also was confused and thought my selections were missing. Basically,*all* items are put in Misc. Not a big deal, but does make looking for trees or something specific a bit harder. All saves do this as well, not just specific ones.
(not to take over OPs post, but heres my version/save.)

-Edit- Forgot to mention, theres also only the misc tab. Literally it.



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I am on Mac, so this could account for differences in what HookerHeels and I are experiencing (I have more than just the miscellaneous tab).  I've actually noticed that if I selected the scenery group to with a specific element pertains, then it falls under that group versus miscellaneous; however this only complicates things because certain element types (ie: benches) are no longer all together.  Also of note, unlike HookerHeels, my save format has not changed (not sure if that is GitHub specific).





Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 10.37.08 AM.png

MASH153 (Mellow).sv6

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I can confirm this issue on Mac for me as well. The hedge fences show up with the bushes, rather than fences. The large fountain shows up with the bushes and not the rest of the water features. Stone bench is with Egyptian and not path items. Wood block is with Mine items. List goes on.

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