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How stable is the "remove vehicle limits" cheat?

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I have a major wooden coaster (my own design) with a sky-high excitement, and it's currently running 4 trains of 6 6-person cars. In an effort to draw more guests into the park (the objective) how wise would it be in terms of stability to increase the trains to 8 cars? It's not pushing the limits by much. Another similar question involves increasing the number of cars in a water coaster (it uses individual cars) to 15-16, which is 4-6 more than there's room for in the station (but it has a long stretch of water track at 4 mph into the station long enough to safely hold them). One default design has 13 cars in block mode, and I'm wondering about this ride from both a game stability and possible practical problems standpoint. Basically it comes down to whether the cheat is stable with a slight increase beyond normal limits.

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I use that cheat regularly. I don't "appear" to have any problems. For example I have max station length of 32 tiles, and on an air-powered coaster I can have 92 cars before it's too long for the station. A lot of my designs have one train with the max amount of cars that will fit in the station. The only reason I don't do that with rides like the water ones, is purely that it "looks" wrong to me.  :)

Just as a note .... Don't do that with the transport rides, as if you have them go up an incline, you'll get speeds of 1kph or less.  :) Same for the log flume, splash boats, and river rapids.  :)


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