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Problems since the 3.3 update

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since the last update, I don't have any attraction, decoration and additional paths, that I downloaded. I copied and pasted the "obj data" to "users/data" but there is still nothing displayed. I didn't have this problem before the update.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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Your post is WAY too vague to even hope to solve your problem. If you seriously want to fix it, at least provide basic information.

- There is no OpenRCT2 version 3.3.
- There is no such folder as users/data.
- Have you actually tried simple steps like completely uninstalling OpenRCT2 and reinstalling it before asking?

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I was thinking about version 0.3.3 of open RCT2.
Since this update I have folders that appeared in "user/mydocument/openrct2" that were not there before (to my knowledge)

Until now, I put my downloaded objects in "rollercoastertycoon2/objdata" and it worked.

I didn't think about reinstalling everything. I'm doing it right now. 

I'll come back to you later.


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